CC-Assist provides outputs that make use of Business Categories. When you produce outputs or perform other procedures involving Members and Business Categories, you to will be able to include the Batch as a data component, filter and grouping option.

NOTE: Many chambers publish an annual membership directory and have an online directory using CC-Assist. Each allows you the option to include assigned Business Categories as well as organize members by Business Category. For the published directory, CC-Assist has a facility for compiling and exporting files for three sections in the membership directory: “Membership Roster,” “Rep Roster” and “Business Classified Directory.” When creating the export file for the Business Classified Directory, CC-Assist groups the members under the description of the codes entered in the “Business Category:” text boxes in the Member “Detail View”: “Classes page. These descriptions can also be included with each listing in the Membership Roster. The membership directory export files (Membership Roster, Rep Roster, and Business Classified Directory) can be created from the Output menu in the Members module.