The USCC (United States Chamber of Commerce) conducts an annual survey in which it asks chambers to report various statistics about their memberships. Included in the survey is a coded list of classifications. The survey asks for an analysis of a chamber’s membership involving these classifications. CC-Assist provides the USCC module with these classifications which can be assigned to a Member to facilitate the analysis requested by the USCC survey.

The USCC module is accessed by opening the Members folder in the “Module Explorer,” selecting the Value Tables subfolder and opening the USCC module.

USCC “List View”

A scrollable table that lists all USCC codes in the database. This table has two default columns: “USCC Category” and “USCC Code.” For more information about customizing this table see “Working within a module.”

USCC “Detail View”

The USCC “Detail View” displays the information the for USCC record selected from the USCC “List View.”

USCC menu

The USCC menu has the usual menu items discussed in “Working within a module.”

Output menu

Choosing this menu item provides access to different USCC related reports. There are two output categories to choose from: “USCC Codes Listing” and “Other.”

“USCC Codes Listing”

Choosing this menu item displays the “Print Job” window from which you can obtain a list of all USCC codes that have been defined and how many times each code has been assigned to a Member. For more information, see “Creating output.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any outputs that are implemented as “installed options.”