The basic training for CC-Assist consists of multiple lessons through which you quickly and easily become effective and productive in the use of the administrative applications and integrated webpages.

Each lesson consist of video tutorials which can be watched at your leisure, “hands-on” exercises for practicing what you’ve learned, and learning objectives to ensure content mastery.

Please consider the following points when planning for training.

  • Because each lesson covers information that is prerequisite to the next lesson, the lessons in the training agenda must be completed in their proper order.
  • The first lessons of the training agenda lay the foundation for using CC-Assist. The learning objectives of each lesson are best achieved when the lessons are completed in quick succession, yet allowing enough time between lessons for all trainees to complete the video tutorials and “hand-on” exercises before scheduling a review session or proceeding to the next lesson. The learning objectives are less easily achieved if the review sessions are scheduled too far apart.
  • After all staff members have completed the video tutorials and hands-on exercises for a particular lesson, we highly recommend scheduling a review session with us to review important concepts one-on-one before proceeding to the next lesson.