Provide your members with their membership badge which they can add to their website, emails, etc. to proudly advertise their chamber membership. You can specify an image for the membership badge in the Database Organization Setup window “Members-only” tab. Members can then view this badge in the “Resources” section in their online member account. The badge can be easily copied onto their own websites and will link directly to their profile page in your online directory.

Setup a Membership Badge Image

  1. Create a graphic for your membership badge using an image editing software.
  2. Upload your membership badge image to your website.
  3. Copy the URL of the membership badge image.
  4. Open CC-Assist to the Dashboard.
  5. Display the Database menu. Select Setup. Then select Organization.
  6. In the Database Setup dialog, go to the Members-only page and paste the URL for your membership badge into the “Membership Badge URL:” textbox.
  7. Click the button to the left of your URL to test that you have entered it properly.

Instruct Your Members How to Display Your Membership Badge in their Website

  1. Log into your online member account using your Member Administrative login.
  2. Go to the Business Center page and click the Resources button.
  3. Click the “Copy HTML” button.
  4. Then paste what your copied into the HTML for your website where you want the badge to appear.
  5. Alternatively, you can click the source button under the badge to display the HTML, copy the HTML, and then paste it into the HTML for your website where you want the badge to appear.