The Rep Groups module is accessed by opening the Groups folder in the “Module Explorer” and selecting the Rep Groups module. A Rep Group is any group of representatives. Rep groups are typically committees, but they are not limited to that use. For example, you could set up a Rep Group for the board of directors, for past presidents, for committee chairpersons, or any for other group of representatives that are jointly identified for some purpose.

NOTE: A purpose for which Rep Groups are not intended is to identify representatives that are participants in an event of some kind. CC-Assist has an Events module for tracking the representatives who participate in an event.


Rep Group “List View”

A scrollable table that contains a list of all Rep Groups. The Rep Group “List View” has one default column: “Group Name.” Read more about customizing this table in “Working within a module.”

Rep Group “Detail View”

The Rep Group “Detail View” displays the information the for the currently selected Rep Group chosen from the Rep Group “List View.”

Groups menu

The Group menu is discussed in “Working within a module” and includes the menu items listed below.

“New Row”

Choosing “New Row” creates a new blank Rep Group record.

“Delete Row”

Choosing “Delete Row” deletes the currently selected or “highlighted” Rep Group record. Choose this item if you want to delete an existing record, and/or if you inadvertently chose the “New Row” item and unintentionally created a new blank record. (Note: A deleted Rep Group cannot be “undeleted.” Therefore, be certain that you want to delete it before doing so.)


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any procedures that are implemented as “installed options.” To learn how to quickly add or remove Reps from a group using procedures available in the Reps module see Add Rep(s) to Rep Group” and “Delete Rep(s) from Rep Group.”

Output menu

Choosing this menu item provides access to different Rep Group related reports. There are two output categories to choose from: “Rep Group Listing” and “Other.”

“Rep Group Listing”

Choosing this output item creates a listing of all Rep Groups in the database. The number of Reps assigned to each Rep Group is also displayed. For more information, see “Creating output.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any outputs that are implemented as “installed options.”