The Reps Attributes module is accessed by opening the Members folder in the “Module Explorer,” expanding the Value Tables subfolder and selecting the Rep Attributes module. A Rep Attribute is a Value that you can assign to one or more Reps of a member to distinguish them for some purpose from other Reps of the same member. For example, you could have a member with several Reps, but you may want only some of them to receive the chamber’s mailings. And independent of which representatives are to receive mail, you may want to designate only some of the representatives to be listed in your published membership directory. Since you may need to distinguish the representatives of a member from one another for a number of different reasons, CC-Assist allows you to assign multiple attributes to a representative.

Rep Attributes “List View”

A scrollable table that lists all the Rep Attributes stored in the database. CC-Assist comes with some “Rep Attributes” already included. See “Working within a module” to learn how to navigate within this table.

Rep Attributes “Detail View”

The Rep Attributes “Detail View” is displayed below the “List View.” For more information see Rep Attributes “Detail View.”

Attributes menu

The Attributes menu has the usual menu items discussed in “Working Within a Module.” For more information see “Adding/Editing Rep Attributes.”

NOTE: You can delete any rep attributes that come with CC-Assist that you do not need, but consider keeping the “Primary Contact” attribute so that you at least have the ability to produce output for just the primary contacts and not all representatives.

Output menu

Choosing this menu provides access to different Rep Attribute related reports. There are two categories to choose from: “Rep Attribute Listing” and “Other.”

“Rep Attributes Listing”

Choosing this menu item displays the Print Job dialog box from which you can obtain a list of all the Rep Attributes that have been defined and as well as a count of how many Reps each attribute has been assigned.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any outputs that are implemented as “installed options