You may wish to visually differentiate Promotions having a “preferred” status. An Online Style is a format assigned to a Member Promotion which determines the colors used for its display. An Online Style is assigned to a Promotion from within the “Online” page of the Promotion “Detail View.”

To create and modify Online Styles for use with Member Promotions, follow the steps below.

  1. From the “Module Explorer,” expand the Promotions folder. Then expand the Value Tables subfolder and open the Online Styles module.
  2. Select the Online Style you wish to modify from within the “List View.” If you wish to create a new Online Style, display the Styles menu and choose the “New Row” menu item.
  3. In the “Detail View,” enter the name of the Online Style. Then using the appropriate lookup textboxes, choose the desired bar, background, link, and text colors for the Online Style.