Occasionally, the CC-Assist desktop application may show an “Offline” or “Offline Error” message in the bottom right corner of the application window. These messages indicate that your database is working in an “Offline” mode and is not sending or receiving information from our web server. Below are the instructions to resolve or troubleshoot these messages.

NOTE: You can continue to work in CC-Assist any time you are working in an “offline” mode. All of the changes you make in your database while offline will be saved to the web server once you go back online.

“Offline,” “Error”

If the message in the bottom right corner of the application window displays “Offline” and “Error,” you have a “communication error” in CC-Assist. Typically, communication errors are caused by brief internet connectivity problems. CC-Assist automatically goes “offline” to prevent any corrupted data from being transferred between your computer and the web server. You can follow the below steps to clear the communication error and go back online.

  1. In CC-Assist on any computer, close out of all open modules to return to the main Dashboard screen.
  2. Display the “System” menu in the menu bar and choose “Communication Errors…”
  3. In the window that displays, click the “Reset online messages” button.
  4. You will see text display inside the Communication Error window that says “Unable to serialize message for display.” This is normal.
  5. Momentarily, you will then see the “Offline” “Error” message disappear from the bottom right hand corner of the program. This will fix the issue for all users.

NOTE: If the communication error immediately returns after clearing it, please contact Chamber Data Systems.


If the message in the bottom right corner of the application window only displays “Offline,” your local server is currently unable to communicate with the web server for reasons other than a communication error. Follow the below steps to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. Verify that your local server is connected to the internet. If you’re unsure which computer is your local server for CC-Assist, contact Chamber Data Systems.
  2. Follow the below steps to restart the “Cca Local Server” service on your local server.
    1. Have all other users in the office besides yourself close the CC-Assist desktop application on their computer. You can view which users are logged in to CC-Assist by displaying the “View” menu from any location in CC-Assist and selecting “Sessions.”
    2. Use the Windows Search to search for the keyword “services.” Click the first result that displays.
    3. In the Services window, find the “Cca Local Server” service. Right-click on this service and select “Stop.” Then, right-click again on the service and select “Start.”
  3. If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, please contact Chamber Data Systems.