The Member Statuses module is accessed by opening the Members folder in the “Module Explorer,” expanding the Value Tables folder and selecting the Member Statuses module. A Member Status is something you can use to code a Member to describe its status with respect to chamber membership and services that are available with the chamber.

Member Statuses “List View”

A scrollable table that lists all Member Statuses in the database. CC-Assist comes with some statuses already set up. The following describes how chambers typically define or use these Statuses.




A dues-paying chamber member


A party to whom the chamber may extend the benefits of membership (such as receiving the newsletter) but for whom dues are not charged. Some chambers extend this courtesy to neighboring chambers and certain local government officials


A former chamber member that was once a paying dues member


A party who is not a chamber member but information is maintained to facilitate mailings, tracking of event participation, etc.

Prospective member

A party being considered for recruitment into chamber membership

Member Statuses “Detail View”

The Member Statuses “Detail View” is displayed below the “List View.” It contains multiple text boxes and settings for the Member Status selected from the “List View.” For more information see Member Statuses ‘Detail View.'”

Statuses menu

The Statuses menu is discussed in “Working within A module.” For more information regarding adding or editing a member status, see “Adding/Editing Member Statuses.”

Output menu

Choosing this menu item provides access to different Member Statuses reports. There are two output categories to choose from: “Member Statuses Listing” and “Other.”

“Member Statuses Listing”

Choosing this menu item displays the Print Job dialog box from which you can print a list of all Member Statuses. This report also provides the sum of associated “Annual Dues” amounts, as well as which statuses are designated as “Pays dues,” “Eligible for referral,” “Include in online directory” and “Members-only.” For more information, see “Creating output.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any outputs that are implemented as “installed options