Contact Statuses are values or codes assigned to Contacts to indicate the status of the contact.

Contact Statuses “List View”

A scrollable table that contains all Contact Statuses. Read about customizing this table and “Working within a module” here.

The CC-Assist database comes with some statuses already included. The following describes how chambers typically define these statuses.




The contact is done, that is, has already taken place.


The contact is scheduled but not yet done.

Contact Statuses “Detail View”

The Contact Statuses “Detail View” displays the information for the currently selected Contact Status from the “List View”.

Statuses menu

The Statuses menu has the usual menu items discussed in “Basic Operations.”

Output menu

“Contact Statuses Listing”

Choosing this menu item displays the “Print Job” dialog box from which you can print a list of all the Contact Status that have been defined and how many contact records each Contact Status has been assigned.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any other outputs that are implemented as “installed options.”