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You can have CC-Assist create A/R Invoices for all dues-paying members having a “Next bill:” date in a specified month as follows.

  1. From the “Module Explorer”, expand the Accounts Receivable folder and then open the A/R Invoice module.
  2. Display the Invoices menu, choose “Procedures,” and from the list of available procedures, choose “New Dues Invoices.” This displays the New Dues Invoices dialog box.
  3. Specify the Run Type. It is best to first choose “Trial” as the “Run type”: The trial run will produce an Invoice Run Log which lists invoices that will be created once you repeat this step and choose “Actual” as your “Run type”
  4. Choose the “Due Date” option (“Beginning of term” or “Write-in”). The “beginning of term” option automatically sets the invoice due date to the date entered in the “Next Bill:” text box in the Member “Detail View”: “Bill Info” page (recommended). The “Write-in” option lets you enter a date and it sets the invoice due date for the invoices (i.e. all the invoice created in this process) to the date you entered. Typically the “Beginning of term” option is chosen.
  5. Specify the Batch to which you want these invoices assigned.
  6. Choose the renewal period. From the “Renewal Period:” drop-down list box you can choose any month in which members have next bill dates.
  7. Retrieve the A/R Invoice Line Item Set that you want to appear on the invoices. For more information on A/R Invoice Line Item sets, see Adding/Editing Invoice Line Item Sets.
  8. Choose “OK.”

NOTE: The “Print Job” dialog box is displayed from which you can print or preview the trial “Invoice Run Log”. This log lists the invoices that will be created once you repeat steps 1-7 with “Actual” as your “Run Type.”

  1. Repeat steps 1-7, but choose “Actual” as the “Run Type.” When you choose “OK,” CC-Assist creates the dues invoices, and then displays the Print Job dialog box from which you can print or preview the “Invoice Run Log”.

The Renewal Invoice Run Log

Whether performing a “trial” run or a “posting” run, the Create Dues Invoices procedure produces a report called the “Renewal Invoice Run Log” that lists the invoices (simulated or real) created by the procedure. You will then be ready to print or e-mail your invoices. For information on how to do this, see Printing and Emailing Invoices.

More information is available in the CC-Assist .NET Reference Manual.

Member “Detail View”: “Bill Info” page

A/R Invoice “Detail View”