The “Administration”: “Users” page is accessed by closing all modules, selecting the System menu, choosing “Security,” entering a password and selecting the “Users” page. The “Users” page allows the administrator (or any user with administrator rights) to add new users, set passwords, and give users access to database(s).

NOTE: Users that have administrative privilages will be the only users that are able to access this module.


“Users” table

A scrollable table which lists the names of all users that have been set up in the database. Initially the program is set up with only one user, “Administrator.”

Column Description


User’s name.

“Administrator rights”

Displays “Yes” if the user has administrator rights.

“Require logout when exiting”

If “Yes,” user must log out when exiting.

“New User”

Choose this item to set up a new user in the database.

“Open User”

Choose this item to edit a users password, access to databases and /or requirement to log out when exiting.

“Delete User”

Choose this item to delete the currently selected user account in the selected database.