The “Access Profile” window: “Primary Modules” page is accessed by closing all modules, selecting the System menu, choosing “Security,” entering a password, selecting the “Access Profile” page, opening an existing profile and selecting the “Primary Modules” page.

NOTE: Users that have administrative privilages will be the only users that are able to access this module.

This page displays the names of the modules listed as items on the Module menu’s “Primary Modules” submenu.

If you want to assign the same access to all modules on this page, check the check box at the top of the page labeled “All” so that the drop-down list box to its right is enabled. Once this check box is checked, you can choose the desired access from this drop-down list for all modules on the page.

If you want to specify access individually for each module that is listed on this page, do not check the check box at the top of the page labeled “All.” When this check box is not checked, the drop-down list boxes to the right of each module name are enabled, and you can specify access for each module as “Full,” “Read-only,” or “None.”