The members of a chamber of commerce are typically business entities rather than individuals. CC-Assist uses the term member to refer to the entity that is the member – usually a business – and the term representatives (or reps for short) to refer to the people who represent the member to the chamber. Representatives are typically the employees of a member business who are involved in chamber activities, but not necessarily all of the member’s employees.

From this folder, you can access all records relating to the members in your database:

Members module

The basic information about a chamber member – business name (if any), address, annual dues rate etc. – is stored in the Members module. The information about the one or more persons representing the membership – names, job titles, etc. – is stored in one or more Rep “Detail View” associated with the Member. Thus, Member records and Rep records have a “parent-child” relationship; a Member record can be the “parent” to one or more “child” Rep records.

NOTE: Even if a chamber member is an individual rather than a business, you must create both a Member record and a Rep record for the individual. If you do not create a Rep record, you will not be able to produce rep-oriented output such as mailing labels etc.

A Member record can also be the “parent” to some other types of “child” records as follows.

In addition to a member’s primary location, a member may have other locations for which addresses and telephone numbers are needed. Thus, a Member can be the “parent” to one or more Secondary Address records.

From an accounting standpoint, a Member is a receivables account for tracking the member’s invoices and payments. Thus, a Member can be the “parent” to one or more “child” A/R transactions – invoices, payments, and credit memos.

CC-Assist tracks contacts (personal visits, telephone calls, and the like) that a chamber makes with members. Thus, a Member can be the “parent” to one or more Contact records.

CC-Assist tracks inquiries that a chamber refers to members. Thus, a Member can be the “parent” to one or more Referrals.

To learn how to add a new Member record see Adding a new Member.

Reps module

The basic information about a rep associated with a chamber member – Name, Address, title, group membership, etc. – is stored in the Reps module.

Member Value Table modules

Within the Member folder there seven Value Table modules:

CC-Assist comes with some tables already set up with codes, but all of the modules have an associated “List View” menu for creating, modifying, and deleting records as desired.

To learn how to create or edit a value table record see the following: