The Inquiries module is accessed by opening the Inquiries folder in the “Module Explorer” and selecting the Inquiries module.

A chamber of commerce typically receives inquiries of various types from the general public. An inquiry may be a request for information about some aspect of the community in general, or it may be a request for information about providers of specific goods or services. The purpose of this module is to provide a means for keeping a record of such inquiries and to assist in dispensing information to inquirers and to your Members.

If an inquiry is for information about a provider of some specific goods or services, the Inquiries module also provides a means for 1) quickly referring the inquirer to one or more chamber members who provide such goods or services, and 2) keeping a record of the one or more members to which the inquiry is referred.

The basic information about an inquiry – the date of the inquiry, the name of the inquirer, and so forth – is stored in the Inquiry “Detail View”: “Basic Info” page. If you refer the inquiry to a chamber member, you record this fact in the Inquiry “Detail View.” The Inquiry is the “parent” to one or more Referrals. An inquirer can be referred to multiple members.

The Referral record is connected to the Member record. Recording a referral to a member is simply connecting the Referral to a Member. Selecting the referred member from the Inquiry “Detail View”: “Referred To” page opens the Member “Detail View.” The Member’s information is already set up in the existing Member record.

Inquiry information can be viewed in two places: in the Inquiry module and in the Members module. Therefore, in addition to identifying all the members to which an inquiry is referred, you can also identify all the inquiries to which a member is referred.

There are two methods for adding referrals to an Inquiry from the “Select Members” window. You may select a member from “All Business Categories” or select a member from a specific “Business Category” from the “Category” drop-down list. The “Select Members” window will display all members associated with the selected “Category” as well as the members’ statues(es) and the date the members were last referred.

The “Category” drop-down list is automatically updated as members are added or deleted to the database. It is also updated when changes are made to the Business Categories. For more information about entering an inquiry record or sending an inquirer Members’ information see the “Inquiries Module.”

NOTE: Only those members who have a membership status marked “Eligible for referral” will be included in the “Category” drop-down list.