The Events module is accessed by opening the Events folder in the “Module Explorer” and selecting the Events module.
The Events module is a facility that can be used to track events, registrations for an event by members and non-members, invoicing and payment for an event and the attendees who participated in, or are scheduled to participate in an event. The Events module can also be used to administer an online calendar of events which is displayed within a Chamber’s Web site.

Events “List View”

A scrollable table that lists references to all Events. The table or “List View” has 4 default columns: “Event Name,”From Date,”Attendees” and “Available.” The table is completely configurable. For more information see “Working within a module.”

Events “Detail View”

The Event “Detail View” displays the information for the currently selected Event from the Events “List View.” The Events “Detail View” is composed of seven tabbed pages: “Basic Info 1,” “Basic Info 2,” “Registration Offerings,” Registrations,” “Attendee Roster,”Online 1″ and “Online 2.”

Events menu

The Events menu is discussed in “Working within a module.” It also includes the following items:

“New Row”

Choosing “New Row” creates a new blank Event record. Enter the desired information manually or retrieve an Event Template into the Event record to populate the information for a new recurring Event.

“Delete Row”

Choosing “Delete Row” deletes the currently selected or “highlighted” Event record. Choose this item if you want to delete an existing record, and/or if you inadvertently chose the “New Row” item and unintentionally created a new blank record. (Note: A deleted Event cannot be “undeleted.” Therefore, be certain that you want to delete it before doing so.)


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose procedures that are implemented as “installed options.”

Output menu

Choosing this menu item provides access to different Event related reports. There are three output categories to choose from: “Events Listing,” “Events Calendar” and “Other.”

“Events Listing”

Choosing this menu item displays the “Print Event Listingdialog box, which has three tabbed pages: “Data Components,” “Event Filters,” and “Order.” Use the “Data Components” page to specify which data items will be included in the report. Use the “Event Filter” page and the “Order” page to specify which events will be included and in what order they will displayed. For more information, see “Creating output.

“Events Calendar”

Choosing this menu item displays the “Print Events Calendardialog box. Use the “Event Filter” page to specify which events will be printed. For more information, see “Creating output.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose other outputs that are implemented as “installed options.”

Online Calendar of Events

Chambers often include a calendar of events in their Web site so that the general public can view and register for the chamber’s events online. CC-Assist.NET enables chambers to link their events in the CC-Assist database with an online Calendar of Events.
This service ensures the information in the online Calendar of Events is always up-to-date. In addition, no double entry is required. The online calendar of events is configured using primarily the “Online 1” and Online 2.” This facility includes…

  • Real-time updating of current Events in the chamber’s Web site
  • The ability to configure the display of the Chamber’s Events in the online calendar providing enhancements and customizations to individual Events
  • The ability to configure Registration Offerings for members and non-members and set a maximum capacity
  • The ability to configure a Registration Offering to be a paid taxable or non-taxable Event
  • The ability to easily receive payments for Events online
  • The ability to retrieve information about those who have registered and paid for for an event.

NOTE: These features are only available if the database from which you are working is internet enabled. For questions regarding this service please contact Chamber Data Systems, Inc.