Members can easily advertise their promotions online through your Web site! You can offer “standard” promotions as well as “featured” promotions. This option allows you to do two things:

  • Offer different options to your members
  • Automatically generate non-dues revenue by charging a fee for promotions with a “preferred” status and an lower fee, or no fee, for “standard” promotions.

The “preferred” status gives a Member Promotion higher visibility in two ways:

  • Placement of the preferred promotions both at the top of all promotions
  • Different color scheme to make the promotion(s) stand out within an online listing from standard promtions

When a Member submits a promotion you will receive an e-mail and the information will automatically display within the Promotions module. The Member Promotion will not display online until you have approved the promotion.

A Member Promotion will be searchable on your Web site. The assoicated Coupon may include images, descriptive text, requirements, contact information, and a term of availability. You can also easily provide quantitative feedback via e-mail to your member’s detailing how often their Coupons are viewed!

When someone clicks on a member’s online promotion link, CC Assist.NET opens a new Web page, displays the Coupon and and logs the visit as an online referral for the member. The Coupon can be printed and shared via e-mail and Facebook.