Sales Tax Agencies are used to track the different tax agencies and their taxable rates. To learn how to add a new a Sales Agency see Adding/Editing Sales Tax Agencies.
The A/R Invoice Sales Tax Agencies module is accessed by opening the Accounts Receivable folder in the “Module Explorer,” opening the Value Tables subfolder and selecting the A/R Invoice Sales Tax Agencies module.

Sales Tax Agencies “List View”

A scrollable table of references to all Sales Tax Agencies. The Sales Tax Agencies “List View” has one default column: “Name.” The table is configurable. For more information see “Working within a module.”

Sales Tax Agencies “Detail View”

The Sales Tax Agencies “Detail View” displays the information for the currently selected agency from the Sales Tax Agencies “List View.”


A text box in which you enter the name of the sales tax agency.


The G/L account credited when creating an invoice with the selected Sales Tax Agency.


The sales tax rate associated with the Sales Tax Agency. If the rate has been retired the date will be displayed in the “Retired Date” column.

Agencies menu

The Agencies menu is discussed in “Working within a module.”

Rates menu

The Rates menu is discussed in “Working within a module.” It includes the following items:

“New Row”

Choosing “New Row” creates a new blank record.

“Delete Row”

Choosing “Delete Row” deletes the currently selected or “highlighted” record. Choose this item if you want to delete an existing record, and/or if you inadvertently chose the “New Row” item and unintentionally created a new blank record. (Note: A deleted record cannot be “undeleted.” Therefore, be certain that you want to delete it before doing so.)

“Retire” and “Unretire”

Choosing “Retire” or “Unretire” allows you to retire or unretire the associated Composite Rate.

Output menu

Choosing this menu item provides access to two different outputs: “Sales Tax Agency Listing” and “Other.”

“Sales Tax Agency Listing”

Choosing this menu item creates a listing of all active Sales Tax Agency rates. For more information, see “Creating output.


Choosing this menu item displays a selection dialog box from which you can choose any other outputs that are implemented as “installed options.”